Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random phraseology, that colored my growing up with pati

In no specific order. Am decanting here from memory, lest these were to disappear from recollection.No one would know what they mean, without having heard them uttered/seen.....

Aing oyang....
Pillapapiah / jemmy doctor
Lalla won Kulla enakku taa
Summa irukkaya swaroopata kattama
Pant doctor
Melleril/ Largactil/ serenace in a red white Fargo lantern box
Marwadi sainyam
Rajanna/Bebanna/Mani anna
Thanga taatha
Nandiyaal thelu
Aise chandrabhaaga aise bhimateer aisa vithevaara "Devakottai"
The swinging hips dance
"Jaala setthu poi lorry le eduthindu poghara"
"Ennadhu idhu"
The times Poona taatha would drop in at 3 PM to read the TOI and paati would make tea for "Maama"
"Mookannadi vizha terunjiduuuu"
Aadivaram aviyal chestaana
Madaraas ki jao
Mischief rascal
Nallavan kadai
Torchlight and all other small collectibles
Aadum maadum kolam kolam, amayaar paati um kolam kolam
Deepa Jyoti parabhrama.....
Ucchipulayaare mahaganesa
Durgalakshmisaraswati thaaye
Chidbambara ragasyam
Chakravarti thirumaghan
Poooo....malaaaii....pottu kalyanam
Ungalukku ellam ennai mami.....neenga ellam romba jolly aha iruppel

The last I heard of her, she was a frail shrunken form of her previous self...staring into the webcam on Skype....muttering unintelligibly like a child , trying to sing her remarks....the image quality was not very good, she did not recognize me I think......
This was the last grandparent of mine who was alive.
A generation has passed..........


Jagannath Moorthy said...

She lived a full life, got to see her children and grandchildren grow up and be successful, got to see her great grand children as well. Despite her condition, she was still able to recognize me when I went in November last.

Ultimately, death is the destination for all of us, few are as fortunate to live as long as she did.

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